A Book in 30 Days — Day 1

Title. Cover Art. Table of Contents.

Chapters (Subject to Change)

  • What is ambition.. why dream?
  • Vs consumerism… the difficulty of staying productive in a world of rampant consumerism
  • Focus… how to be productive in a world of distraction
  • The Self… doubt, insecurity, inconfidence, procrastination
  • Am i ugly? Ideas of self value and worth when nobody likes likes me
  • Depression… my greatest drive
  • Ignorance… the dangers and power of not knowing
  • Curiosity… how to keep your childlike wonder
  • Poverty… turning problems into ideas
  • Growth… how to grow, learn, and challenge yourself
  • Autodidactism… how to be a nerd, and love it
  • Futurism… my hobby, mission, and purpose
  • I live in the future, i dream in the future
  • Fiction Books… WHY Reading is fundamental
  • Transportation… how the bullsht fed my decade obsession with hovercars
  • Failure… vs identity
  • God… Religion, Spirituality, Believing in Something Bigger
  • Science… finding the formula for Curiosity and Knowledge
  • You’re Not My Dad!... He’s your father….
  • Finding love… as a virgin… at 21

Title Ideas

  • The Seed of Ambition
  • At the Core
  • Stories of Ambition in the Light of Darkness
  • From the Depths of Tartarus, come Prometheus
  • The Privilege of Poverty
  • The Making of Ambition

Ideas for the book art

  • Me, standing in the shadow cast by a sheer cliffed, huge mountain I'm facing that reaches the stars. Between me and the mountain is a litany of obstacles. Beside me runs a river of ideas that streams down from the mountain. Along the river are images of my product ideas along a winding path up the mountain. My back is against a glass wall with brick designs. And there's a shadow of a person unconnected to me thats cast from the confident version of me standing akimbo atop the mountain. Around my head is a vague, nebulae mindspace radiating all of my most common thoughts, should also look a bit like a black/grey cloud of depression.
  • +The shadow of the mountain is actually the person standing atop the mountain! (Implying that I view my ideal self AS the mountain)
  • ++The shadow has a smile, and Im in its mouth...
  • +Its snowing.. with several feet of snow on the ground, with trenches throughout



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