Some things I’ve been thinking about

This Week’s Thoughts, Ideas, and Dreams

I think about a lot of things in the course of a day… I enjoy it. Though many times the things I think about make me feel bad about myself or frustrated with the world. Most the time though, I feel inspired, motivated, focused, and all around refreshed and excited after a good ponder…

Here are some things I have been thinking about a lot in the last few days:

  • Lack of Control?

— My GF thinks people inherently and predominantly fear being incapable of controlling things. Whether it is the predictability and strength of storms or the fearsomeness of wildness and their ability to hurt us or control over our own agencies. Rape, phobias, etc… she believes all of this comes from the fear of uncontrollable things.

  • Fear of the unknown?

— I personally think people mostly fear the unknown. The hidden shadows of the Dark, the lack of understanding amongst people that result in xenophobia and racism, or the impenetrable barrier of death. Thus is why we come up with so many stories and theories and superstitions and assumptions to deal with all the things we cant know.

  • Pain?

— My brother believes pain to be the ultimate, most basic fear. The threat of being harmed not just physically but mentally, emotionally, etc… Idk why I havent thought of that before, but I agree. Pain is something far more primal and direct.

  • What was my biggest barrier I overcame or problem I solved growing up?

Growing up.

  • When was your ‘I made it’ moment?

— I felt true freedom and felt happy about my life the day I got to move out on my own with the love of my life. There was still a lot of ‘stress’ and worry… but it was the type I prefer. Things I can solve just by working harder, not depending on other people’s resources or limitations. Furthermore, I got to focus a lot more and immerse myself in the communities I needed to push my network to the next level.

  • Did you always know you would be this rich?

— Yes and no. I always dreamed big. I didnt know how to think or dream any other kind of way. When my mom first asked me what I want to do in early elementary, I didnt know how to explain it well… i just said engineer… someone who creates cool stuff. In 3rd grade I learned about famous inventors and scientists… and so I said I’d be like Edison or Einstein, but around the same time I fell in ‘love’ with hovercars and so claimed Id invent the first real hovercars. It was never about the money… though of course that would be nice to be able to set my folks up for life so they never would have to stress about bills and hospital trips. Still… eventually I combined them all to say that I would be someone who creates amazing things. Big things. It just took 20+ years to get there…

  • What are your plans for the future?

— I want to take Flubbi to the next level! We’re going to get into hardware… or jellyware I suppose. This will be a whole new type of ‘hardware’ that reflects the customization and flexibility everyone loves with Flubbi. Think Flubber come to life. You can create anything you want, not just digitally, but in real life!
I will also create new teams around least experimenting with new types of materials that can be used for everything from creating your own house to simulating galaxies to repairing devices; new devices that combine AI and VR/AR with personal profiles; and finally step one in supercities with lifelong learning institutions that will combine many of the major centers of civilization under one roof. You’ll hear more about this later… just know that they will be the beginning of greatness.
I suppose you can say this next phase is all about bringing the freedom, empowerment, and accessibility of the internet to the real world.

  • How can I get Flubbi, my creation engine, started if I suck at (and hate) coding?

— Use what I have at hand! Writing, basic designs, podcasts, and a bit of networking.

  • How can I create ‘toys’ that allow people to interact and perceive scientific concepts?

— No idea… but write them out to start figuring out the viability…

  • How can I inspire or help change systems or infrastructure such as transportation, power/energy, and housing?

— Keep talking about the changes that need to be made in these systems, even when others dont listen. Keep talking and have well researched plans and keep talking some more until I create the ‘luck’ to make it happen.

  • What is a force vs field? Are they ‘real’? And what are better ways to describe them?

— Seems many dont have a clear answer… there seems to be no good way of explaining without math, which itself an abstract model, so maybe the whole thing needs some reimagining. From what I understand. Gravity is a virtual force/field. A force is something that acts upon something else, and a field is something acted upon… what makes them ‘real’ is when one has a method of transferring information from to the other (like the electrons and photons that transfer the force of electricity through a magnetic field). Many think gravity has gravitons that act as such carriers… but because gravity (according to the Relativistic models) is simply what we call the curvature of spacetime due to mass… I think thats like saying waves or whirlpools have particles that tell objects that there is a distortion in the water… it would be more accurate to say, and thus look for, the things that makeup spacetime that may be made up of molecules (perhaps *that* is dark matter??)

  • Can the other forces (strong, weak, electromagnetic) be distortions in space-time?

— Apparently there is an old model that says this is so, but is really inaccurate when scaled… the newer version of this idea however lies in string theory… with said forces and fields distorting spacetime (or being distortions) of the other 8 dimensions out of the 11 there apparently is…

  • How might one use spacetime itself as fuel or propellant or otherwise material?

— No idea… perhaps spinning something fairly heavy around in really small circle… or perhaps creating some super-heavy superfluid that itself can spin around and thus create distortions in spacetime through ‘gravitational friction’… if that is a thing…?
Or maybe just have to figure out what, if anything, is space made of…

— Sleep… get the proper amount of sleep. Stick to a schedule, record my time (particularly when I feel off task), believe in myself and dont be too hard on myself, as well as keep persisting. Be consistent with putting myself out there. The more moves I make, the more chances I have for something amazing to happen.

Sigh… moving sucks….

Particularly when its not at all when, where, or how you want to move.

But alas…



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